Datsun GO+ Facelift First Look Review


Datsun GO+ Overview

The Datsun Go+ Anniversary edition has been launched. The Anniversary edition comes with an Ambient Lighting app for mobile phones. A customer can choose a lighting according to the mood, through this app. The car comes with new body graphics and a rear spoiler. The interiors have blue accents. The anniversary edition also gets floor mats, art leather seats, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensor, radio and USB connection. There is a rear badging too. This is priced at INR 5.5 lakhs (on-road, New Delhi).

Commenting on the launch of the Datsun anniversary editions, Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. said, “The Datsun brand is winning over more and more customers who are seeking accessible mobility. We are celebrating our three successful years with the launch of special anniversary editions of Go and Go+ and activities around our Datsun model range. Congratulations to the Datsun team for this milestone and special thanks to all our customers across India.” Check for Datsun GO+ price in Hyderabad .

Datsun GO+ Exterior & Style

On the outside, though the changes are subtle but the appealing and styling has been increased a notch especially when we look at the new sunstone brown coloured GO Plus. The vehicle seems to be attention grabbing at first glance. And the major reason why it looks more eye-catching is the inclusion of 14-inch diamond cut alloy wheels, replacing the old steel setup. The tyres are also wide that not only provide better grip on road but also enhance the road presence as opposed to the tiny wheels in the previous version.

The ORVMs now gets contrasting body colour which is good move looking at what previous car was offering. However, Datsun has decided to go the conventional way by placing the indicators just above the wheel arches instead of integrating it in the ORVM itself. The dual tone roof rails looks awesome. And yes, what makes the MPV different from the hatchback is the length which remains the same, however, the height has been slightly increased to 1507mm from previous 1490mm.

Now moving to the front, the alterations are understated. The vehicle features heavy chrome embellishment, a bigger grille and the revised bumper with more noticeable creases. Though the fog lights are still missing in the car but the automaker has compensated that with the daytime running LEDs which does enhances the looks. Besides, the hood is identical and sculpted while the large headlights are carried forward from the previous version. To know more details on Datsun GO+ visit Bigintmedia

Coming to the rear profile, it looks a bit serene than the front one. The bumper has been revamped also featuring rear parking sensors, chrome strip at the bottom of the trunk lid, rear wash wiper and a neat spoiler to enhance the appeal. The large tail lights are identical to the previous model. So, the updated MPV is certainly a notch above the earlier model which might pave way for its success in the segment.

Datsun GO+ Interior & Space

The interiors have been given a heavy revision. The dashboard gets a new design which looks more appealing than the older cars. The GO gets a full black layout for the dash while the GO+ gets a dual-tone theme. Fit and finish has improved a lot and so has the quality of materials used in the cabin. The handbrake has been moved to its conventional location. The older GO came with only speakers and a port to mount your phone but now it gets a Blaupunkt touchscreen audio system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, etc. Sound quality is just average though. The USB port has been placed a bit inconveniently below the centre console.

Datsun claims that the vehicles come with anti-fatigue seats but honestly the front seats are quite thin and they lack proper support for the under-thigh while support for the back is good. Also the centre console which houses the gear lever is very large and it keeps hitting the knee of the driver and front passenger which gets really annoying because leg space is already very less. The seats aren’t very wide though. The rear seats offer average comfort but knee room is limited, more so when there’s a tall passenger sitting upfront. The GO has enough boot space for a couple of small bags while the GO+ comes with a third row which again has extremely limited space and isn’t suited to full-size adults. With the third row up, boot space in the GO+ is very negligible but with the last row folded, the cargo capacity gets increased drastically.

Datsun GO+ Engine & Gearbox

The engine on the Datsun GO+ is the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that produces 67bhp of power and 104Nm of peak torque. The power ratings are the same as the GO, but as the weight has been increased by 38kgs, the engine tuning has been changed for better drivability. Lesser insulation makes the engine a tad noisy, but for this price you can’t get anything better. The power produced by the engine is sufficient for city or even highway driving and the Datsun GO+ has the biggest size engine of the lot. This means there is more torque to pull easily in the city, with one of the best acceleration in this segment. There is a lot of vibration at idling.

The five-speed box manual transmission is mounted on the centre console and this makes it easy to shift, as the positioning is very convenient. The GO+ runs a fuel efficiency of about 14-16km/l in the mix of city and highway driving. As the GO+ has a longer body with the same wheelbase, the suspension has been stiffened to avoid it from bottoming out. We drove it on very bumpy roads and places with no tarmac, still there was no effect and the underbelly didn’t scrap even once. The ride is good and you do not feel uncomfortable even on bad roads. The handling is good for its size and it doesn’t feel scary. The steering wheel is light and even the brakes bite well.

Datsun GO+ Driving Dynamics

The suspension system in the MPV has been slightly improved following the feedbacks of the consumers. Now it has been tuned a bit to make it more comfortable for Indian road conditions. The upgraded suspension setup which Datsun calls it ‘Ride Control Advanced Suspension’ deals with extra load at the rear quite well. It also helps the car gulps bumps and ruts reasonably well. It does roll a bit while cornering hard which is due to high ground clearance of 180mm, soft springs and lack of anti-roll bars.The steering wheel is light and even though you will feel it responsive, the feedback coming from it will be slightly insufficient. Driving at highway speeds can be disappointing as the car can lose its breath. The sound insulation has been improved and a step ahead of the previous model.

Datsun GO+ Braking & Safety

The Datsun GO received a 0-star rating in NCAP crash tests but thankfully now both the cars are offered with dual front airbags on all variants and also ABS with EBD and Brake Assist. However, it remains to be seen how the updated cars fare in crash tests. In terms of sales and service, Nissan’s network isn’t as expansive as its rivals and this is a hindrance for potential customers of the brand.

Datsun GO+ Cost in Hyderabad

Datsun Go Plus On Road Price is 4,60,279/- and Ex-showroom Price is 3,83,000/- in Hyderabad. Datsun Go Plus comes in 6 colours, namely Blue,White,Ruby,Gold,Silver,Grey. Datsun Go Plus comes with FWD with 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 67 bhp@5000 rpm and Peak Torque 104 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Datsun Go Plus comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Datsun GO+ Conclusion

Shall be honest that the GO+ performed much well than what I had anticipated. It is certainly a good vehicle to pick up if you need flexibility of space and do not want to spend excess money on a larger MUV. I started using a phablet a week ago and I’m not just used to it, in fact I don’t want to get back to a smaller phone as it has a better battery life. Those who need a large boot or 5+2 seating, the Datsun GO+ will be the most affordable, and with a length under 4 metres, it is compact too.

Just like the smartphones with longer battery life, Datsun too has found a solution for those who need a larger boot or more seats with the GO+. The difference here is that the pricing is still affordable, as the GO+’s pricing will commence somewhere close to INR 5.27 lakhs (on-road, Delhi). The T variant is the best value for money.

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