Tata Tigor Hatchback First Drive & Driving Dynamics

Tata Tigor Overview

The compact sedan segment has traditionally seen products that offer the ‘feel’ of a sedan with their three-box design but lack the experience associated with a proper midsize sedan. The all-new Tigor from Tata Motors is hoping to change that. But this Tiago-derived hatchback is one of the smaller packages in the market. So, how does it intend to stand out from the crowd and be noticed in a segment filled with capable competition? ​​​​​​The Tigor is on offer in four petrol variants and diesel variants. The petrol version is priced between Rs 4.7 lakh and 6.19 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi, while the diesel version is priced between Rs 5.6 lakh and 7.09 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. At that price, the Tigor undercuts its competitors, and makes for good value for money if you want a comfortable, spacious and efficient city car that can also manage short weekend trips.



The Tigor comes loaded with most features buyers look for though its engines are not as powerful, especially the diesel. However, it actually betters them in two key areas that matter to buyers in this segment, namely space and comfortable ride. With these virtues and its eye-catching design, the Tigor thus creates a new niche for Tata Motors.View offers on Tata Cars from Tata dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Tata Tigor Exteriors

The Tata Tigor is essentially the compact sedan version of the Tata Tiago hatchback. The front end is very similar in terms of design but the Tigor does get a much nicer front grille with hexagonal design elements and a twin barrel headlamp with a projector low beams and halogen high beams.That said, LED daytimes running lights have been given a miss. The petrol version of the Tigor gets 15-inch, diamond cut and black, two tone wheels that sync extremely well with the rest of the cars design but the diesel only gets a set of smaller 14 inchers. tata tigor rear design

But it is the rear that really stands out. Not only has Tata Motors absolutely nailed the almost coupe like styling of the roofline but the boot integration too. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Tigor is the prettiest and most well-balanced sub 4-meter sedan in India! And then you have smaller elements that stand out. Like the high mounted subtle roof spoiler with the built in tail lamp that glows end to end to the tail lamps that pop out of the boot structure in a three dimensional way. The rear bumper too has a large chunk of plastic that gives it a sportier edge.

Tata Tigor Interior

Step inside the Tigor and you are reminded that this one is based on the Tiago as the cabin layout and design is shared by both the offerings. Now what’s unique about the Tigor is that it gets a mild colour revision with a tad darker shades on the trims. The signature steering wheel has been carried over, but it gets piano-finished detailing instead of the satin finish. While the design of the cabin feels modern, the quality of plastics isn’t appealing enough especially when you compare it with Hyundai. Here is where it needs substantial improvement.

The Harman-developed infotainment system has been updated for the Tigor as it is now a touchscreen unit that doubles up as the screen for the rear parking camera. It also features emergency assist, service reminder and navigation which is projected on the screen by connecting an Android phone with the help of USB. All of these functions and few more can be accessed with the help of Android apps only thereby leaving no option for iOS users. We asked the company officials on when can we expect to see modern infotainment connectivity options and were told “very soon”. The Nexon perhaps? The most impressive bit about the Tigor’s features has to be its music system, as has been the case with all the newer offerings from Tata Motors.

The longer wheelbase has increased the rear legroom of the Tigor and it does feel more spacious. Instead of hard plastics, it gets a fabric cover for the side support of the rear seats. The only concern is that the hip point of the rear seats has been lowered which might be an issue for the elderly while exiting the cabin. In terms of utility, there are 24 storage spaces to house bottles and other knick-knacks. The Tigor gets a boot space of 419L that is 177L more than the Tiago. The bootlid gets a smart 4-link opening mechanism that has removed the need of hinges, making it a cleaner and more useful layout. For more info on Tata Tigor visit incmanifesto

Tata Tigor Performance

The Tigor carries over the 3-cylinder petrol and diesel engines from the Tiago. While the power and torque outputs are the same, there are subtle differences in the calibration. Both variants also carry over the 5-speed manual gearboxes. However, to get the required sense of peppiness on the heavier Tigor, the overall gearing has been shortened.

The petrol engine is also counterbalanced for greater smoothness and it feels that way too. Now, this engine is actually quite peppy. It happily trots forward in response to light dabs of the throttle. Low-speed responsiveness makes it quite handy for the city and since it’s willing to rev, it cruises well on the highway too. However, when you put your foot down hard to really get going, the performance isn’t that eager. This is because of the tall gear ratios; for instance, you can hit an indicated 138kph in third gear! While such tall gearing is good for fuel efficiency it dulls the responsiveness. This strange compromise has to be made as the Tiago was already quite a heavy car and the Tigor is a bit heavier still.

The diesel motor is a bit of hard work as the turbo kick hits home just past 2300rpm and then fizzles out by 3500rpm. As a result, you have to keep working the gearbox to make any quick progress. Also, we found the shift from 2nd to 3rd to be a bit tricky. The Tigor deserves a larger diesel engine to really complete the package.While the design and the components are the same as the Tiago they have been retuned to suit the Tigor’s weight and weight distribution. And, as you go over rough patches it is immediately apparent that the suspension setup is a clear highlight. It soaks up really big bumps with grace. It doesn’t crash over bumps or through ditches. And, even though it doesn’t feel firm, body control is good!

The petrol Tigor uses bigger 15-inch rims with 175/60-section tyres, while the diesel uses 14-inch rims with 175/65 tyres. As a result, they feel a bit different in the way they ride and drive. The diesel variant moves around less at higher speeds and as a result feels a bit calmer for covering highway miles. And even though you do feel a bit more of the poor surfaces in the petrol, keep in mind the ride quality is still pretty good.On the upside, the lighter petrol feels more eager and communicative when you are chucking it into corners. The electric steering also weighs up well and seems to offer a touch more feel in the petrol. Although the Tigor isn’t too enthusiastic about attacking a set of corners, its calm nature and unruffled manners make it very likeable. However, we would have liked more bite and feel from the brakes.

Tata Tigor Driving

The ride quality has to be one of the Tigor’s biggest highlights. The suspension offers a very good combination of ride and handling, especially the diesel, which runs on 14-inch wheels. It soaked bumps and potholes extremely well, and while both versions do not lose their composure over bad roads, the diesel offers a better ride with lesser up-and-down or side-to-side movements. The petrol uses 15-inch wheels and tends to cause more movement on broken roads, though ride quality is very good. Check for low interest car loans on Tata Tigor at Fincarz.

The Tigor is impressive in terms of handling too. The suspension offers confidence when driving sportily or going fast around corners. The steering has a nice weighted feel, and it is not too sharp in terms of responses, but the suspension adds to the confidence. The petrol feels more confident with its bigger wheels and a slightly more responsive steering, as it is lighter than the diesel by about 70kg. Brakes feel good, though we would have liked some more initial bite. Stability under hard braking is better in the petrol.

Tata Tigor Safety

In terms of safety, Tata Tigor features dual front airbags, engine immobilizer, ABS with EBD, speed-sensitive door locks, central lock with auto-lock feature, corner stability control and park assist with camera, among others. The XZ variant gets ABS with EBD along with body stability control and two airbags. We do not know if these will be standard on lower variants – we should get confirmation on that when the car is launched on March 29.

Tata Tigor Cost in Pune

Tata Tigor On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 5,34,496 to 8,13,962 for variants Tigor XE Petrol and Tigor XZ O Diesel respectively. Tata Tigor is available in 12 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Tata Tigor variants price in Pune. Check for Tigor price in Pune at Tryaldive.

Tata Tigor Round Up

We had huge expectations from Tata’s Tigor and when it comes to the design, it has created, in our books, the benchmark for the sub-4 metre sedan category. The level of equipment is also tempting. However, it’s the genuine sedan-like values that really shine through. The large boot and the spacious backseat are the clear highlights here. Even though we would have liked a bit more punch from it, the petrol engine is our pick of the lineup.

The diesel, however, is disappointing and needs more refinement and enthusiasm to do justice to the rest of the mechanical package. Even the quality of plastics and better sound insulation would go a long way in making the Tigor stand out in the sub-4 metre segment space. And with a price tag expected in the range of Rs 4.2 lakh – Rs 6.5 lakh, the Tigor could very well be picking off larger sub-4 metre sedans and hatchbacks in its price range!


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