Volkswagen Polo GT Review & Test Drive

Volkswagen Polo GT Overview

The hatchback market in India has always been a popular one, especially among the middle class people, who form a large section of the crowd. Volkswagen Polo GT is one of the popular hatchbacks in the country. There are lots of Volkswagen Polo GT variants to choose from that offer different sets of features and are available at different prices. View offers on Volkswagen Cars from Volkswagen dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Volkswagen Polo GT Exterior

Even in the redesigned Polo GT TSI, little has changed. The front is exactly the same as the Polo facelift and the rear gets the same treatment. But it’s not that Volkswagen hasn’t tried telling people that this is the go-fast version of the regular Polo. So, there is GT badging on the front grille, on the C-pillar, on the rear door, and as a doorstep garnish. The ‘Estrada’ alloy wheels further differentiate the car from the regular Polo.

However, the biggest difference is that the Polo GT TSI gets a rear spoiler which enhances the appeal of the car especially when looked at from the rear three-quarters. The ground clearance of 168 mm ensures the GT TSI is fit for most Indian roads. Overall, the car retains its classic, sober design and the subtle changes add to the sportiness of the new car. The paint quality and attention to detail is among the best you will find in a hatchback in India.

Volkswagen Polo GT Interior

Open the door and the GT badging on the doorstep welcomes you, followed by all-black interiors, which is impeccably put together. What especially attracts attention is the new flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel, which adds to the sportiness of the car. Besides the audio controls on the steering wheel, you can now use voice command to connect your phone with the centre console. The accelerator and brake pedals get a metallic finish. The DSG gearbox not only gives the Indian consumers a brand new driving experience but looks good too. The instrument cluster gets a speedometer, an odometer and a rev counter.

The driver’s seat gets height adjustment feature and the dual-tone front seats come with adjustable head restraints and folding backrests. The rear seating area, however, is not the best in class and three tall adults fit in rather uncomfortably.Volkswagen Polo GT interior is beautifully designed and has a premium quality build that gets a taste of the Milan Titanschwarz fabric for the upholstery. The boot space is a healthy 260 litres, which should auger well with most of the users, while there are some multimedia offerings as well, including a music system and a USB port.

Volkswagen Polo GT Performance

Volkswagen Polo GT specifications are well looked after as far as the engine under the hood is concerned, with the hatch featuring a 1.2-litre TSI engine for the petrol trim and 1.5-litre TDI engine for the diesel. The petrol motor is mated to a 7-speed DSG transmission system, whereas the diesel engine works in sync with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Volkswagen Polo GT generates some really good figures, carving away 105 PS power at 5000 rpm and 175 Nm torque for the petrol trim. The diesel trim churns out the same power but 250 Nm torque at 1500 to 2500 rpm. For Volkswagen Polo GT  check

The first thing you will notice about the car is how quiet this modern engine is—at lower RPM, the engine is barely audible. The combination of TSI and DSG is a tested formula and the greatest strength of this car—slot into the ‘Drive’ mode, press the accelerator and in no time the DSG springs into action, changing gears at exactly the right time the engine demands, and takes the Polo GT TSI from 0-100 kmph in less than 10 seconds. Want more fun? Slot the gearbox into the ‘Sport’ mode and it changes gears at higher RPMs, thus giving you even better acceleration.

Volkswagen Polo GT Driving

The car is quite confident and can manage heavy traffic with ease. The ground clearance can cause a problem at times. Despite its larger size, it still is good to maneuver. On highways, it is a good companion.The car behaves well on bad roads and doesn’t tend to crash through potholes. The car goes around corners confidently even at high speeds.

The new steering wheel not only looks smart, it has a lot of feel to it and offers you very good feedback. The car feels planted even when you are doing speeds above 140 kmph. However, Volkswagen should have given the car the cruise control mode—in fact, it is a big miss in a car with such an amazing gearbox. One more addition we would have liked is paddle shifters.

Volkswagen Polo GT Safety

Last year when it was reported that some of the most popular compact cars sold in India failed crash tests done by Global NCAP, almost immediately Volkswagen announced dual front airbags as standard fitment on all variants of the Polo. That says something about the company’s commitment to safety. The GT TSI gets ample safety features such as dual front airbags as standard, anti-lock braking system, rear-parking sensors, electronic stabilisation programme and hill-hold function. However, we believe that in addition to rear-parking sensors there should have been a rear-parking camera too.

Volkswagen Polo GT Cost in Bangalore

Volkswagen Polo Gt Ex-Showroom Price in Bangalore ranges from 9,20,384/- (Polo GT TSI) to 9,31,690/- (Polo GT TDI). Get best offers for Volkswagen Polo Gt from Volkswagen Dealers in Bangalore. Check for Polo GT price in Bangalore at Carzprice

Volkswagen Polo GT Round Up

Volkswagen Polo GT images have certainly gone down well with most customers, and we cannot love more the overall look and appeal of the hatch. With an excellent set of features in combination with a great performance, Volkswagen Polo GT looks like a definite winner.All power comes with a price. The Polo GT TSI, at Rs 7.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), is seemingly high for a hatchback. In fact, at this price you can get the top variant of an entry-level sedan; however, what you won’t get is the very best in automobile technology. If your idea of a car is sensational yet economical performance, and if your idea of a car is ease of driving, you must take a good look at this machine. Value for money it may or may not be, but the GT TSI surely is a technology trendsetter in its segment.

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