Audi A4 Review & Test Drive

Audi A4 Overview

The success of Audi cars in India has seen the launch of new sedans meeting the customer desires of luxury and power at amazing costs. The Audi A4 series has been a tremendous success among the lot. The latest edition of Audi A4 is loaded with superior technology equipment, and the interior luxury and comfort have been taken to the next level. The innovative architecture of the interiors with high quality material, spacious and comfortable seating, and sharp featured body design and equipment highlight the luxury and dynamic stance. View offers on Audi Cars from Audi dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Audi A4 Exterior

The new Audi A4 at first glance doesn’t look too different from its predecessor and it’s hard to make out if this one’s a facelift or a new model. Audi says this is a completely new car with no component sharing between it and the older model. While I’m certain Audi is right about that, the A4 doesn’t look what one would expect an all-new version to be like. Zoom in on the details or walk closer and it becomes clear that the A4 now looks much more stately, premium and pricey.

The sharp LED headlamps with a dynamic DRL design flank the trademark Audi grille draped in chrome. The long hood now features a clamshell design, which along with the shoulder line lend the side profile a hint of dynamism. The new A4 is longer by 25 mm than the older car, which should help space inside the cabin but more on that in a bit. Moving on to the rear, once again everything is new but the only thing that really stands out is the new LED tail lamp cluster with dynamic turn signals.

While the new A4 comes across as a more refined and sophisticated design over the older model, it doesn’t do much to excite the senses. Unlike the C-Class, which clearly reflects comfort and elegance through its design and the 3 Series that exudes dynamism and sportiness through its design, the A4 doesn’t really reflect any one or two characteristics. What it does is it packs in a bit of everything and then tries to come up with a mixed recipe. While that isn’t necessarily a negative as many buyers prefer such understated designs, I personally feel Audi designers played it a bit too safe.

Audi A4 interior

The cabin is a lot more different from the previous model. In fact, the design of the dashboard is reminiscent of the new Q7 SUV. The carmaker has focused the design for a more driver-centric approach. And this can be seen in the new smart and sharp 12.3-inch MID display that has ditched the conventional looking dials. The instrument cluster now sports a large speedometer and tachometer imparting a plethora of information. The driver can also switch views to get information such as tank range, average efficiency besides music and navigation maps. All these amenities would prevent the driver from distraction.

Coming to the design and built quality, the dashboard features wooden screen running across the length. The ac vents sits just above the wooden dashboard panel and looks like running end to end with the dashboard. And once again, the traits of the Q7 are evident. The 7 inch infotainment system at the centre is fixed though it looks like a pop-up unit offered in many other Audi cars. The cabin of the new A4 also features state-of-the- art MMI which is now loaded with more features. The controls are fresher and the unit is slick to operate. Then there is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for easing out your job of music and phone calls on the go.

For more convenience, the front armrest has been bestowed with 2 USB slots, Aux-in ports, SC card slots as well as a SIM card slot. So, there is no dearth of connectivity be it music, handling phone calls, WiFi or the internet. This is not the end, the same front armrest also contains wireless phone charging dock so your devices are never out of juice. Buttons and switches look elegant and are also touch sensitive. This means unless you have the intention of changing the setting of the AC, a mere touch on the panel can give you the needed information. The yatch-like drive mode selector seems to be lifted from A8 which does add to the premium feel.For more info on Audi A4 visit

In terms of seating, the carmaker has provided a wide range of seat adjustments with both driver and passenger side getting full set of controls. The seats are upholstered in leather or pashmina beige. The increase in the dimensions has translated into increased passenger comfort. There is a generous amount of comfort not only on the front but the legroom and headroom at the rear are astonishingly good. Other luxurious highlights of the car include glass sunroof, triple-zone climate control, electrically foldable ORVM and engine start/stop button among others.

Audi A4 Performance

Audi has introduced a new set of engines in the new A4. The 1.4L 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which is the smallest of the engine available from Audi in the Indian market has been thoroughly tweaked to give the powerful and refined performance. The car though replaces the 1.8L powertrain available in the earlier model, is nothing short of explosive.

The powertrain makes 150PS and 250Nm of max torque and when paired to 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, it can take the car from naught to 100 in mere 8.5 seconds. The direct-injection turbocharged engine is silky smooth and the moment you press the engine start button, you can feel the refinement. The high amount of torque really helps in the drivability, especially in the city premises where performance is more than adequate with the quick and effortless shifts coming from the automatic gearbox. It seems the gearbox is in perfect sync with the petrol engine.

Coming to the diesel one, the carmaker has installed a new 2.0L oil burner for the performance-oriented folks. The powertrain produces 190PS of power and 400Nm of max torque. The power is transmitted to the front wheels via 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox. On starting the engine, there is an obvious diesel clatter but as you move on, the noise diminishes until you get to hear a splendid silence. Once the needle goes past 2000rpm, there is a sharp acceleration in the pace. There are three modes provided catering different driving conditions viz. Drive, Comfort and Sport. The real potential of the engine can be unleashed on the highway where the motor does not let the driver feel short on power. Once the turbo kicks in, the car can disappear in moments.

Audi A4 Driving

The Audi A4 features an electromechanical power steering with high functionality buttons on the steering wheel for easy and effective control of the equipment. The Audi drive select enables the driver to select an accurate driving mode for effective combination of power and fuel economy. The cruise control feature provides comfort during long drives, and the hill hold assist helps in easy handling on high gradient roads.

Audi A4 Safety

The Audi A4 features disc brakes with calipers and anti-lock braking system, and electronic stability control program for effective braking and controlling. The Audi A4 specifications for safety include front airbags for the driver and co-passenger, head airbags, and side airbags for the rear seat occupants. The additional safety features include a reversing camera, and parking aid at the front and rear for safe parking of the car.

Audi A4 Price in Mumbai

Audi A4 Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai ranges from 38,92,789/- (A4 30 TFSI Premium Plus) to 44,14,832/- (A4 35 TDI Technology). Get best offers for Audi A4 from Audi Dealers in Mumbai. Check for Audi A4 price in Mumbai at Carzprice

Audi A4 Conclusion

The new Audi A4 is a great improvement over the last model in terms of features, comfort and efficiency. It doesn’t feel quite up there when it comes to exterior design and driving fun though. The way I see it, the new A4 is an ‘in-betweener’ in its segment since it does a bit of everything without really being the outright leader in any one area. This isn’t a bad thing though, especially in India, where people demand everything from their cars. Being an ‘in-betweener’ is actually the strength of the A4 as it will appeal to a wider range of consumers.

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