Nissan Micra Performance & Test Drive

Nissan Micra Overview The Micra, currently in its fourth-generation, has been popular worldwide as a reliable, maneuverable and efficient hatchback. In fact, Nissan exports the Micra from India to several global markets. While it doesn’t sell as well as most of its rivals, the car is a decent urban hatchback and makes for an easy Read more about Nissan Micra Performance & Test Drive[…]

Land Rover Discovery Features ,Performance & Test Drive

Land Rover Discovery Overview When it comes to making SUVs that are capable of taking on almost any terrain, Land Rover is a brand that features on the top of that list. The new age Land Rovers might look radically different from the earlier gen models, however, they do carry the characteristic traits of being Read more about Land Rover Discovery Features ,Performance & Test Drive[…]