What Are The Social Media Analytics Software

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Top Social Media Analytics Software are as follows :

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very comprehensive web analytics tool that most of us are familiar with to some degree, but it also provides some analytics that we quite often overlook and don’t spend enough time on!

How much it cost

This tool is completely free.

Main features

Here are some of the main features in relation to social media analytics.

1. Track traffic from social platforms – You can drill down by referrer and look at the traffic generated from each of         the social platforms. If you use a custom URL, you can track traffic generated from a specific link you shared.

2.Isolate traffic using a segment – If you want to drill down on traffic for a particular channel, you can create a                segment and view information just related to that channel.

3. Social media dashboard – Create a graphical dashboard that shows a summary of your social media activity and           the results of traffic generated.

4. View real-time traffic – When you share out content on social media, you can view your website traffic in real-              time. While you’re not going to do this all the time, you may have an important campaign that you have want to          track more closely in the early stages, and monitoring the real-time statistics can be useful.

5. Social media conversions – You can set up goals and track the conversion rates of these goals broken down by               social channel.

How it works

Assuming you already have Google Analytics installed, the only additional set up is as follows:

1. Create your goals –

If you want to track conversions across social channels then a good way to do this is to set up a goal. For example, I have set up a goal for e-mail subscribers, so that when someone new signs-up, we can see which channel the subscriber came from. For Digital Marketing Companies Check Vivid Digital  

2. Custom Links –

If you want to track the traffic that is generated for specific links, you can use Google URL Builder to create a custom link and then track activity on this link in Google Analytics (see How to track links shared on social media).

Under the acquisition -> channels section of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see traffic from each social channel and conversion of that traffic.

If you want to set up an analytics dashboard, here’s one provided by Koozai.

In the Acquisition > Social section, there are other social media analytics worth considering. For example, in the Data Hub section you can view the conversations related to your content that happened on various social channels.


Zuum is a social media analysis tool used for benchmarking performance against competitors, finding the most engaging content. and identifying key influencers.

How much it cost

Pricing starts at $249 per month, which gives you access to all platforms, 50,000 fans and up to five competitors.

What are the main features?

1. Analytics support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram

2. Compare your posting activity with your competitors and also analyze their paid posting strategy

3. Leaderboard showing your performance in comparison with your competitors

4. Discover the posts driving the highest engagement so you can determine the topics you should be writing about

5. Create a social media benchmarking report

6. Influencer report showing the most influential users, which can be sorted by likes, engagement, shares etc.

7. Integration with Google Analytics

8. Set up daily, weekly or monthly email reports.

How it work

When you login, the menu on the left allows you to select the social media channel and the area you want to view the analytics for. The initial screen shows a dashboard with fan/follower count for each competitor across all supported channels.

If we take Facebook as an example, this is broken down into the following:

A. Benchmarking –

See how your brand is doing in relation to your competitors – fans, engagement, share of voice, trending content, etc. Here’s an example of the share of voice section.

B. Publishing –

What content is working, when it is working, what is getting the most likes/comments/shares? Here is an example of Twitter posting volume. The larger circles indicate when most activity occurred. This is a view for a particular brand but you can also view overall stats to show you and your competitors all on the same chart.

C. Community –

This shows you the most engaging content shared by fans, the key influencers, what the community is talking about, the content fans are posting, etc.


SoTrender is a social media analytics platform for all major networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. As well as providing the analytics, it gives you recommendations on how to resolve some of the issues, which is useful.

How much it cost 

Pricing starts at $50 per month and for this amount you can track 2 brands. There’s a free 14 day trial available so you can try out the tool before committing.

 Main features

1. Support for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

2. Analyze where conversations happen, identify best-performing content, measure audience engagement

3. Highly customizable reports

4. Competition tracking and industry benchmarking

5. Workflow management via tasks

6. Personalized suggestions for improving your social media strategy

How it work

You connect your relevant social media accounts to your SoTrender account and allow it a few hours to gather data. Then, you can start to look at your social media analytics in the form of charts and graphs.

SoTrender also offers users tips to improve their social media accounts, an analysis of the types of posts you share, and a summary of your fans’ demographics.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a social media competitive analysis tool. You create one or more landscapes of competitors or clients and track their performance across both social media and the web.The platform is really nicely designed and easy to understand so you’ll get benefit from it very quickly. SEO Agency in London visit Vivid SEO

How much it cost

Pricing starts at $199 for 10 tracked companies, social media and SEO benchmarking included. For $349 this goes up to 15 tracked companies with additional integrations with Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Business Pages and Google Analytics.

Main features

1. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, Pinterest and YouTube

2. Tracks multiple markets or clients through the use of landscapes

3. Monitors social metrics across all channels supported

4. Analyzes data relevant to SEO

5. Monitors the best-performing content shared by you or your competitors

6. Monitors AdWords traffic generated.

How it work

You connect your social profiles on Rival IQ and also add on any competitors you want to track.You can group companies into different landscapes (e.g. partner, competitor etc).Your can create reports based on all this information.They have set up a weekly report from Rival IQ, which gives detailed information on our performance across channels and against competitors.

One other area that is really useful is the alerts. Here are alerts when people in the landscape update their profile descriptions:The SEO section provides some basic information related to SEO. While this is certainly not a replacement for an SEO tool, it does provide you with some valuable, high-level information.Any of the reports can also be exported to a Powerpoint presentation, enabling you to produce some great management reports that contain nice graphs and statistics for each of your competitors.


Quintly provides analytics for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. The information is laid out in customizable dashboards where you can add widgets for data or stats you want to monitor. A list of standard widgets are provided.

How much it cost 

The pricing starts at $100 per month and includes analytics for 5 social profiles (each account/page is a profile). Further options are $255 for 15 profiles and $480 for 40 social profiles.

Main features

1. Analytics provided for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter

2. Customize existing metrics (350 available!) or create new ones from scratch

3. Create multiple dashboards that contain a different set of clients or customers

4. PDF reports that are nicely formatted and presented

5. Competitive analysis reporting.

How it work

When you add your social profiles, you are presented with a customizable dashboard with widgets containing graphs/data. You can also set up multiple dashboards.You can customize the dashboard according to your needs by adding/removing any widgets.Reports are available as PDF, JPG, PNG, XLS or CSV.


As your social media presence grows, you will need to consider investing in some 3rd-party analytics tools. Ideally, you want a cross-platform tool with competitive analysis included. The selection of social media analytics tools we have covered gives you some good options.

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