Hyundai Grand i10 Engine & Test Drive

Hyundai Grand I10 Overview Hyundai Motors India LTD launched the facelift Grand i10 in India; the hatchback was unveiled for the first time in UK last year. While the hatchback is sold in the European market as the new generation i10 the same car is sold alongside its predecessor in the Indian market.The facelift hatchback Read more about Hyundai Grand i10 Engine & Test Drive[…]

Skoda Superb Facelift Review & Test Drive

Skoda Superb Overview Ever since Skoda came into the Indian market, they have offered luxurious carsat not so reasonable prices. The Skoda Superb was the answer to Mercedes, offering the luxuries of an E-class Benz at priceless than then the C-class Benz.Even though the Superb is ageing, we guess it has decent market demand for Read more about Skoda Superb Facelift Review & Test Drive[…]

Fiat Linea Classic Engine & Test Drive

Fiat Linea Classic Overview The demand for entry-level sedans is quite high in India as most hatchback buyers aspire to get into a three-box vehicle as soon as possible. The entry-level sedan segment, better known as the C-segment is dominated by sub 4-metre offerings from Maruti Suzuki and Honda while cars like the Toyota Etios, Read more about Fiat Linea Classic Engine & Test Drive[…]

Why “Progressive Web Apps vs. native” is the wrong question to ask

Dan Dascalescu Even though PWAs have been around for more than two years now, there are still a bunch of misconceptions about them: <strike>they only work in Chrome, they can’t be as smooth as native apps, there’s no full-screen mode, they have to be SPAs, building offline-first isn’t worth it etc</strike>. All of these are false, and I wish Read more about Why “Progressive Web Apps vs. native” is the wrong question to ask[…]

From design to development, 10 tools I can’t live without

Tools don’t make a craftsman. But they can certainly help. This week, I wanted to introduce you to a few tools that I use. Hopefully, you discover a few new tools to help optimize your workflow. Atom Atom is an open source text editor created by Github. For the past year Atom has been my primary Read more about From design to development, 10 tools I can’t live without[…]

Virtual PBX System Which Really Help Businesses

The phone system, being the most important communication tool in a company, has to meet certain prescribed standards. It should be able to satisfy your business needs now and in the future. Affordable small business virtual phone systems are the ideal options for small business owners requiring high-end phone functionalities at less expense. A virtual Read more about Virtual PBX System Which Really Help Businesses[…]

Virtual Phone Number for Your Mobility

If you wish to have your business network more established, going for a virtual phone number will be a smart option. Virtual telephone numbers can be easily set up with the help of a hosted PBX system. Virtual phone numbers can impart the image of a big firm to even small business firms. If your Read more about Virtual Phone Number for Your Mobility[…]

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is here and virtually every organization is using it in some way, shape, or form. Educating yourself and your people on the opportunities and risks associated with this technology is of the utmost importance. Let’s look at the opportunities presented by cloud computing, managing the risks associated with housing your sensitive data offsite, Read more about Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing[…]